Minka and the Discovery of YOU


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The story behind Minka

Have you ever looked up at the sky and knew, just knew, that something up there was looking back down at you? Most nights you’d be wrong, but this night was different. This night, a little girl on a cupboard hurtling through space was looking down at YOU, on this tiny blue dot we call home. A little girl called Minka.

Minka is a Hazzak from the middle shelf of the cupboard. Hazzaks are not the sort of folk to go adventuring or exploring, and certainly never as far as the very uppermost edge of the cupboard. But Minka is not an ordinary Hazzak. But what is a Hazzak from the middle shelf of the cupboard supposed to do with this sort of cupboard-changing information? Minka feels a strong need to tell everyone she can, starting with her parentials, who are too interested in their shows on the googlebox to have any sort of real interest. So Minka leaves middle shelf on a quest to find someone to believe her.

Eventually, she finds Keshtab, a small star-fish-looking fellow who has a big idea. If the folk of the cupboard won’t listen to a little Hazzak girl, perhaps they may listen to someone much older and wiser - perhaps the great Zutar of the under-cupboard could be persuaded. The trouble is, Minka and Keshtab have to navigate the Gelatinous Jungle and the Desert of Desolation to get there...

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